President's Message

March 31, 2017

Dear Shareholder:

As a shareholder of Orbisonia Community Bancorp, Inc. you have every reason to be proud of being part of one of the only locally owned community banks in our market area. Since the number of community banks keep dwindling, those of us that remain have big shoes to fill. Community banks are a vital part of the communities in which they service. Community State Bank of Orbisonia is no exception. The bank and our employees strive to be an integral part of the communities that we live in and serve. When the communities succeed, we succeed.

When we succeed, that means you as a stockholder succeed. We have grown over $10 million in assets during this past year, along with increasing stockholders’ equity by over $1.5 million.

Our income was down 7.37% compared to 2015. However, several positive factors have contributed to this decrease. One of the main factors is security. Over this past year we have focused on security, both cyber and physical. With cyber security and physical security always being a major concern, we upgraded our processing services to ensure top notch security features are in place. We also started upgrading our physical security throughout all of our buildings in order to protect your assets.

Another factor is in the area of technology. We have given our website a new and modern facelift and are presently working on doing the same with our on-line banking components. No matter where you go, Community State Bank can go with you and you can be assured that your data is safe and secure.

We have also been busy looking at areas that will better serve you, our customers. I am pleased to announce the addition of CSB Investment Services. We now have the ability to offer the entire financial package to our customers. Along with traditional banking services, we now can assist you in planning for retirement, create lifetime income strategies, fulfill your charitable wishes, or create a legacy for your family. It’s all about you; we are here to help your dreams become reality.

On the lending side of the bank we now have the ability to escrow your taxes and insurance on our mortgage products. Pay one easy monthly payment and everything is taken care of for you. No more coming up with a lump sum in the middle of the year. You provide us with your information and we take care of the rest.

With continued support from you, our shareholders, we will strive to remain a strong locally owned community bank as we continue to look for ways that we can assist you with all of your financial needs.


Trudy K. Everhart
President/Chief Executive Officer